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Freya Thomson

Recently, I got a bit caught up in something that completely confused me. I met a group of people who said that they could turn into birds, and that they had been at war for centuries. Maybe the weirdest thing of all is that most of them remembered the war starting. What I'm trying to say is that they were hundreds of years old.

Anyone who listens probably wouldn't believe me, which is why I'm writing it all down in this diary. I want to tell someone and, if I tell anyone at school, they'll think I've gone mad.

Anyway, I got mixed up in this war which all started because the owl king's wife was killed and he blamed it on the crows, but it wasn't their fault. I know now who killed her, but...well, I can't write it down. It would be awful if the king found it.

Perhaps I have made the whole thing up without realising, but it seems so real.

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