October 2021

3D HeartStone.png

"He brushed his hand against the stone. It was rough…and warm as though it was living thing. Holding his hand there, he closed his eyes, feeling the heat come through his skin and seep into his blood. He jumped back. He’d felt it, he was sure."


Jeremy's grandfather died in a freak climbing accident, but the surprise was he never knew his grandfather was alive. When they travel south for the funeral, Jeremy soon realises what a strange world he lived in.


His grandfather, a mage, was responsible for protecting the heartstones - special stones in the ruined castles of Cumbria that stopped the Soceress Nox from entering the world.


But the heartstones only protect the world for a hundred years before they need to be recharged. With Jeremy's grandfather gone, who will find and gather all the stones in time to stop the ancient evil?

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