I know that homeschooling can be challenging, but it can also be deeply rewarding! I was taught at home a lot when I was little, and they were the best years of my life.

Because I could not post a class novel online (copyright issues) I told my class that I would write them one when the schools are closed with the coronavirus.

I will post a chapter of Lavellan - my middle grade novel - daily during school time. It's a first draft, because I'm writing it as I go along, so please forgive the less than polished nature.

Feel free to share the videos as much as you like. I'm only going to keep them online while the schools are closed.


When I had to go and live with my Mum during the coronavirus outbreak, I was upset and angry. I hardly knew her, and I certainly didn't know what she did as a living. I knew she was a zoologist, but it turned out there was a lot more to her job than that. Together, we began to look for the most secretive of Scottish animals. As I got to grips with my new life, I began to realise that mum wasn't the only one looking for these creatures...

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