Here be a free book

I was taught at home. I absolutely loved  it! I treasured each moment of home schooling, but I know it can be very challenging at times!

I saw the Covid homeschooling as an adventure, but I know it was rough on a lot of parents and teachers. During that time, I wrote and recorded a class novel for my P4/5s. It was an idea I'd had for a while and it seemed like the perfect opportunity and motivation to write it.

The book is in its early stages, and is only draft 1 - yes, I am crazy enough to put my first drafts out there! I'm going to leave these videos up until 2021.

Stamp Mark


When I had to go and live with my Mum during the coronavirus outbreak, I was upset and angry. I hardly knew her, and I certainly didn't know what she did as a living. I knew she was a zoologist, but it turned out there was a lot more to her job than that. Together, we began to look for the most secretive of Scottish animals. As I got to grips with my new life, I began to realise that mum wasn't the only one looking for these creatures...

Paint Splatter 1