I always said to the children I teach "I'm not very good at drawing". So I thought enough was enough, and I should stop being so defeatist! What sort of attitude was I teaching the kids?

So I decided I would learn how to do illustration and then I might even be able to illustrate my own stories.

Below are a few of my illustrations, some of which I have published, others which I completed for submitting to magazines. I'd love to know what you think.

For those interested, I create the outline on Adobe Illustrator, and then add the colour and shading on Adobe Photoshop.
This illustration is for the "English Mythical Bestiary" book I will be publishing in 2022.

The style is the same as my "Scottish Mythical Bestiary" which can be found here.
Storm Bringer.png
This was created for a literary journal whose theme was "Storms, omens and monsters".

If ever there was an awesome theme, that was it!
This illustration is for an ongoing project...

which is hard work!
The Lover's Tree.png
This illustration is for a literary journal submission, inspired by their love of subtle stories in real life contexts.

They say every picture tells a story, but I hoped this one would tell several.
The Light Bringer.png
No reason for this! This one was just a bit of fun.

I started off with the idea of having something in a bubble, and it grew from there.
Dragon Storm.png
This is another just-for-fun piece. I love working with big skies, and I wondered what I could put in front of it...
obviously a dragon is the most awesome choice!
This picture was designed as a companion piece to Dragon Storm, because dragons are just so fun!
Paint Splatter 1