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Here be a Press Kit for Taking Wing

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Production Info

"Taking Wing" by Clemency Crow

A middle-grade adventure fantasy novel

Publication date: Friday 12th July 2019

Book launch at The Rabbit Hole, Brigg, North Lincolnshire

The book will be available from Crowvus ( and Amazon:

ISBN (ebook): 978-1-913182-04-5

ISBN (paperback): 978-1-913182-03-8

RRP: £8.99

(326 pages)

Press Release

Lincolnshire Press Release


Press Release


Email is the most reliable as I'm able to access messages at work and on the move.

Full name

Clemency Crow







I was born in Orkney and grew up in North Lincolnshire – in an old (haunted!) farmhouse. The house itself creeped me out, but the garden provided years of inspiration for my early attempts at story writing. In 2009, we moved to Caithness in Scotland and the sea and the cliffs became the main source of inspiration.

​During Primary School in North Lincolnshire, one of my sisters brought home several A5 grey jotters. Naturally, I wanted a one, so I said I was writing a story called "The Rule of the Unicorns". I never finished that peculiar tale, but it meant I got one of those A5 grey jotters!

A good few years down the line and I'm a Primary Teacher in the tip-top north of Scotland. To encourage a love of reading in my pupils, I write a story with them in for their Christmas present. The first thing they do is flick through and try and find their name - but I hope they enjoy the story too!

When I'm not teaching, I love writing, working on my allotment and I'm crazy enough to be doing a Science degree at the same time.

Sample Interview Questions

How do you have time to write?

Juggling a full time job, a part time Science degree, a part time publishing company and writing my own stories is not easy. I haven't met any authors who can concentrate solely on their books. The people who have made a career out of writing still have the marketing journeys to complete and the seemingly endless research to do.

We write because we love it! And when you love something, you make time for it.

It helps me to have a set goal in my head. Usually my goal is to write something as a gift for someone. My brother lives in Thailand and sending Christmas presents just isn't a possibility. An e-book, on the other hand, makes the perfect gift and the best gifts are the ones you make yourself.

Having that incentive really drives me to do my best writing. Some people find a writing competition to be a good incentive, but I just love thinking of what people will think when they read it. That's incentive enough.



Describe your desk

Oh dear.

Where did you grow up, and how did this influence your writing?

I grew up in a very old farmhouse in a Lincolnshire village. It wasn't a farm when we were there but it had all the gubbin for it, including a pig sty that we used as a shed. My sister and I pretended that it was still a farm. One lawn was for the cows, the other for the sheep and so on.

As well as being an amazing garden to grow up in (I had my own den in the wood at the back and everything!), the house was haunted too. I had an imaginary friend, Tom, who was a ghost. He was probably my first venture into character development.

We were just a couple of miles from Thornton Abbey. In those days, you didn't pay to get in, you just wandered around the ruins. Thornton Abbey, as such, features in my middle grade novel "Taking Wing" in a slightly scary capacity...

What's the story behind your latest book?

"Taking Wing" is being launched in July this year. It is about Anglo-Saxon tribal communities who were tasked to protect the human race. Oh, and one more thing, they are immortal and they can turn into birds.

My last name being Crow, I've always had a fascination and appreciation for the crow family of birds. They get a lot of bad press since they generally hung around battlefields as they were scavengers. This is unfair as they are actually very sensitive birds.

"Taking Wing" was from an idea I used to play when I was very little. The idea has grown up a bit so that now it is aimed toward 10-12 year olds but that's how it began. I tried to write it into story form many times and failed. I'm not sure why Taking Wing finally got written. I must have tried something different with it, or maybe my inner conscious decided it was time for the story to get out there!

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