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The Red Light

Red Light.png
The Red Light of the Universe

The Red Light of the Universe is the infinitely more powerful version of the Blue Light. There is no Guardian alive who is able to wield it, however, but objects like the Jewel of Dagda has the effect of enhancing the Blue Light unimaginably.


Once, all Guardians had the Red Light but, when they turned their backs on mankind for the first time, it was taken from them and replaced with the Blue Light.

Very powerful individuals, known by the Guardians as the Ossada, still have the Red Light, but very few of these people remain alive and those that do keep themselves apart from most people.

How It's Used

It is used in much the same way as the Blue Light, but the energy from the Universe is infinitely more powerful, causing the Red Light to be the most powerful force in existence. However, the energy still has to be repaid so anyone using the Red Light needs to be extremely strong, or have a tool to help them cope with the energy loss.

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