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The Guardians' Timeline


After the Ossada were created, they made the Guardian tribes, giving them the red light so they could protect mankind.

10 000 BC


After years of persecution from frightened humans, the Guardians began to turn away from their task of protecting mankind.

2 000 BC

Red Light.png

Because the Guardians had abandoned the humans, their red light was taken from them and replaced by the lesser blue light.

The Guardians went back to protect people.

1 000 BC

Blue Light.png

The Golden Age of the Guardians. The humans saw how good the tribes were, and made them kings and queens of their kingdoms

500 - 1000 AD


New regimes began, and once more the Guardians fell out of favour. They left humans and hid in their castles and fortresses.

1000 AD


A plague spread across much of the world. Although the Guardians were able to help with the Blue Light, they sat back and let it happen. They were punished by being unable to mix with humans again.

1300 AD

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