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The Blue Light

Blue Light.png
The Blue Light of the Earth

The Blue Light, the Blue Fire, is the magic system that underpins the Feather Down trilogy. (Taking Wing is published with Crowvus, and the 2nd book in the trilogy Doorway to the Sunset will be released in July 2021).

Here are a few facts about the Blue Light.


The Blue Light is the energy of the Earth, but it was originally infinitely more powerful as the Red Light, the energy of the Universe. The Guardians were given the power of the Red Light but, after turning their back on their task to protect mankind, it was taken from them and replaced with the diluted Blue Light.

As tribes became used to this lack of power, they went back to the humans they were supposed to protect to ensure that it wouldn't happen again. When mankind saw how powerful they were, but that they lost the power that made them like gods, they welcomed them back and the Guardians became powerful members of society.

How It's Used

Using the Blue Light means you are borrowing energy from the Earth, but this energy must be given back. This means that using it has a cost. Depending on how much effort a task takes depends on the cost. A simple ball of fire is nothing to a trained Guardian, but moving from one place to another by the Blue Light can only be done by powerful beings, and only once a day as it is so exhausting.

What it Can be Used For
  • Healing wounds

  • Fighting

  • Travel between near places

  • Changing shape (only within tribes. For example a sparrow cannot become an owl.)

Other tribes have their own special abilities, but these are basic skills that all Guardians have.

What it Can't be Used For
  • Creating life

  • Long distance travel

  • Controlling humans

If a Guardian kills a human, whether or not they use the Blue Light, they lose their immortality and die.

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