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Different Tribes

Each tribe has different characteristics, usually linked to the type of bird they can become.


Buzzards are very powerful, very dignified people. In numbers, they are one of the smallest, but they dedicate themselves to learning and bettering themselves and others. They have been described as haughty, with good reason.

They are the tribe of one of the Ossada, Merlin. Although Merlin died many years ago, they continue to protect his relics which give them further wisdom and foresight.

Buzzards keep themselves to themselves for the most part, but they are the leaders of the council of Guardians. Whenever something happens that effects the Guardians or the world as a whole, they call everyone to their hidden castle. Their queen, Carina, is proud and powerful.


Cormorants take their role of Guardians extremely seriously, although they have to watch humans from afar. Any time that mankind is severely threatened, the cormorants are the first to come to their aid.

Like the buzzards, they are very wise, and have learned how to integrate safely with the humans. However, they can't be around people for longer than a few days. When they return to their land, their fortress is an open cliffside, hidden from humans by the Blue Light.

They check every so often on the other tribes, but prefer to keep out of the Guardians' politics.




Crows are one of the most numerous, and more powerful, tribes of Guardians. Their success is due largely to their numbers, but they are also very proficient with the blue light. They have been locked in a war with the owl tribe for hundreds of years. As such, their blue light has developed to be mostly warlike skills.

However, it isn't all fighting with the crows. They also enjoy lavish feasts, and invite members of other tribes to share in their bounty. They are a very sociable tribe, and many live together in their great castle, hidden from humans.

Before the plague and the subsequent curse towards the Guardians (meaning they couldn't spend time safely with humans) the king of the crow tribe Aethelfrith was an Anglo-Saxon monarch of Northumbria. He was renowned for his wisdom and strength, but he was killed by the owl king, Raedwald, when the owls thought that he had murdered their queen.


Doves are the birds of peace. This association actually happened as a result of the dove tribe and their refusal to partake in any war and fighting. As such, their blue light has developed to be mostly healing abilities. The dove tribe are some of the best healers in the entire world.

At one time, they were the tribe of one of the Ossada, but their leader died around 100BC. Since then, they hid themselves away and only associated with other tribes and humans if absolutely necessary.

Since the death of their king, however, and the assent of their new queen (1700s AD), they have been more interested in getting to know the other Guardians.



Eagles, being the largest birds in the UK, are physically powerful. However, they seldom like to get involved in fights and battles, and prefer to keep watch on mankind from a long distance. This is perhaps as humans have persecuted birds of prey for centuries.

The Sea Eagle king, Eli, is a bitter old man but he looks out for the interests of his tribe. His son, Enna, is idealistic but struggles with the Blue Light. He finds it hard to control it, especially when his father is not around.

The Sea Eagle tribe live on the edge of the mountain. Their home is not hidden like most using the blue light. Instead it just looks like pure rock as there are very few windows and only one exit. The castle delves deep into the mountain and can only be accessed by the Guardians because they can fly.

Eagles are too proud to hide openly so this is how they escape from humans.


Like the Crows, the Owls have been in a terrible war for centuries. This has helped them develop warrior-like tendencies and they are very good at using the Blue Light to help them in their war.

Despite being mortal enemies with the Crows, there are more similarities between them than either side would like to admit.

The owl king, Raedwald, is one of the most powerful Guardians alive. He is very old, being an Anglo-Saxon king in the 7th Century AD but, since his wife's murder, he began to retire away from human life and dedicate all his time to bringing her murderer to justice. The owls mistakenly believe that the crows were responsible for her death and this is what has caused the war.

Owls are a huge tribe, with many different species. The barn owls are the rulers of the owls in the UK, but in other countries this changes.

Their castle, Listgard, is hidden from humans by using the Blue Light to discourage people away from their boundaries. If anyone stumbled across the castle, the magic would ensure they thought nothing of it.



The wrens are small, but feisty, Guardians. They are very territorial and will begin small skirmishes over their land. However, with larger tribes, they are surprisingly quiet and don't like to antagonise them.

They are particularly afraid of the owls, not trusting them after seeing the long war between the owls and the crows.

The wrens do not often go among humans, and hide in their beautiful palace which is renowned for being the most attractive, but least practical, of all Guardian residences. However, the wrens have a fierce army that will defend it against any tribe that feels like taking over their land.

They are not to be underestimated and will prove to be surprising adversaries if challenged.

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