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The Guardians in Our World

The Guardians' job is to protect mankind. So...Why don't we know they exist?

Well, the simple answer to that is that humans can't stay around them for long. They begin to get very ill, and have all their energy drained from them. If you want to know why, then have a look at the Guardians' Timeline.

Going back in history, it is possible to see the Guardians' effect. One of the best examples of this were the Anglo-Saxon kings, many of which were Guardians. These kings only reigned for a short period of their life, usually giving up their thrones to their sons or daughters when the time came. Once the kings retired from service, they went back to their tribe to live out the rest of their life in peace. According to the humans, the kings died. But this only really happened if they died in battle. Research Raedwald or Aethelfrith on your favourite search engine and see what it comes up with.

How They Guard

An agreement reached between the Guardians and the Ossada in 1400 AD was that the Guardians would watch over humans, but only interfere in small ways. This would be small guardian-angel-acts, instead of helping a country in a war.

The Guardians would never help a human defeat another human, even if one was clearly in the wrong. This was part of the agreement. They will help negotiate between parties, and try to bring peace, but never use the blue light to help others fight.

Once they have helped, most Guardians would leave and not be seen or heard from again. This usually doesn't cause much trouble, as they limit themselves to small acts of kindness, but occasionally their absence is noted. This causes problems as humans then start actively searching for the Guardians.

How They Remain Secret

The Guardians are able to hide their castles and their homes from human eyes if they wish. They do this by using the Blue Light.

Some tribes use the light to make their home a less desirable place for people to visit, meaning that any passer by who finds it will be filled with an incredibly strong feeling to keep away. This is a method the owls use, meaning that very few humans has ever explored the grounds. Once the person has left, the memory of the place will fade quickly so that they can never find it again.

Other tribes have mastered the art of making their fortresses invisible to human eyes. The difficulty with this, however, is that the land is still visible. This was not a problem in the past, but nowadays many people who see a piece of land lying empty would be interested in who owns it. For this reason, many of the tribes prefer Scotland where there are great areas of land that have very little footfall.

Other tribes do not use the Blue Light to hide but have situated their castles somewhere that humans won't notice them. The Sea Eagles have their fortresses on the edge of a cliff-face-mountain. Humans would not easily be able to reach it, and from further away, it looks simply like a rocky ledge as the majority of the castle goes deep within the mountain.

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